One of the many perks of couponing is building a stockpile for next to nothing.  Here's some basic tips to get your stockpile growing!

- What can go in my stockpile?  A stockpile can have anything in it from canned goods like soup & beans to dry goods like cereal, rice and pasta.  You can also include you family's hygiene items like deoderant, soaps, shave creams and razor blades.  Don't forget about meat!!  You can buy ground beef, chicken and pork when it's priced at it's lowest and freeze it until you need it

- Get organized! Make sure you have a dedicated space for your stockpile so you can keep it organized.  If it's spread out all over the place in disarray you'll end up over-buying and having items that will spoil because they're buried in the pile

- Know your sale cycles!  If you know that your favourite laundry soap goes on sale at it's "rock bottom" price every three months then make sure you buy enough to last you until that sale comes along again.  

- Keep an eye on expiry dates!  A stockpile is just like a grocery store; as you add new items you should rotate the older items to the front to avoid them spoiling before you get to use them.  If you won't use 15 bottles of ketchup before they expire then only buy 6-7, otherwise you're just throwing away that hard saved money.

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